Guest Author: Anna Bradley

If you love historical romance, you’ll love the stories by today’s guest author, Anna Bradley. In fact, her first novel A Wicked Way to Win an Earl won a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best First Historical Novel, and Anna has kept going from one fabulous tale to another.

Her Regency historical romances are both sexy and steamy and Anna asks, “Who says history isn’t hot?”!!

I'll tell you now that Anna's books are fabulous reads and may have you reaching for your fans!

I have learned quite a few bits of regency slang from Anna’s posts on The Drawing Room, which is a multi-historical romance author facebook group featuring fun facts and discussions about historical romance.

Did you know that an “addle-pate” is a fool? How about the slang “Swell of the first stare” which means an elegant, fashionable gentleman? I also quite like the expression “Dicked in the Nob” which Anna tells me means “crazy”!

A very warm welcome to Anna Bradley who joins me today from her home in Portland, USA.

Thanks for joining me on the blog today, Anna.

Thank you for having me today, Alyssa, and hello everyone!

First, can you tell us about your latest release and whether or not it posed any particular challenges to you as you wrote it?

My latest release is titled TO WED A WILD SCOT, and it did pose a particular challenge in terms of research, yes. The prologue of the book takes place during the worst of the Highland Clearance years, and the hero, Logan Blair, is laird of a clan threatened by future Clearances, so I spent a lot of time researching Scotland’s history.

It’s normal for me to do research for a book, but this was more challenging because the Highland Clearances took place over an extended period of time and because there’s a lot of conflicting information about what actually happened during the Clearances. It was a bit trickier than usual to decide what information can be trusted. The Scots have a fascinating history - I learned a lot writing this book!

Sounds fascinating! I’m looking forward to reading it when it’s released on September 17th!!

As I mentioned, I loved learning the slang terms you posted about on your blog on The Drawing Room. Can you share a Regency fact that you have found most interesting in all your research?

Oh, that’s a hard one, since I find something new for every book, but there is one book that stands out for me as having particularly interesting Regency-related tidbits, and that’s MORE OR LESS A COUNTESS, which is the second book in the Somerset Sisters series. The heroine of that book, Violet Somerset is writing a book about London. One of her chapters is about ghosts, so I did a lot of digging to find out some facts about places in London that are supposedly haunted. Did you know there’s a headless lady who roams Cockpit Steps, near Birdcage Walk? Apparently, a lady in a bloodstained white gown floats up and down the Steps, seeking revenge on her husband, a serjeant at Wellington Barracks who is said to have beheaded her. It’s all very ghastly, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy learning about historical London hauntings!

Nothing like a good haunting!! If you could invite three people from the Regency era over for a dinner party, which thee would be your guests and why?

I know everyone says this, but I’d have to put Jane Austen at the top of my list. I can’t help myself! I’ve read her books to shreds. I can trace my love of Regency romance directly back to the moment I read the first pages of Pride and Prejudice.

She would certainly be on top of most Regency Romance lovers list! She was certainly a trail blazer!
I’d also invite Georgette Heyer, because her books are wonderful and I think it would be fascinating to sit back and listen to a conversation between Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer.

That would be interesting! My grandmother used to have romance books all over her house and she was a huge fan of Georgette Heyer.
Finally, I’m going to say Colin Firth, because…well, you all know why! He’s the quintessential Darcy, so we can’t leave him out. I’d love to talk to him about what it was like to play such an iconic literary character, but I admit I’d also like to admire him across the dinner table!

Yes, definitely the quintessential Darcy! I've seen several of his movies with my children - The Kingsman, Nanny McPhee and there was one that's name eludes me about a Roman general at Hadrian's wall I think. Definitely didn't mind watching those with the kids!!

And while we are speaking of admiring good looking people... Your covers are beautiful but do you have a favourite/couple of favourite covers?

Lyrical Press has done such an amazing job on my covers, so it’s difficult to choose one favorite, but I love the cover of LADY ELEANOR’S SEVENTH SUITOR. The model looks just how I pictured Lady Eleanor would look, and I love the deep, rich color of her gown. I also really love the covers of the Somerset Sisters series – again, lovely colors and gowns. I’m all about the gowns, I guess!

Lovely! I'm also adding some of my favourites below!



What’s next for you as an author?

Let’s see. Aside from the Sept. 17 release of TO WED A WILD SCOT, I have a Christmas novella entitled THEN IN A TWINKLING releasing on Oct 1. It’s part of an anthology of six Christmas stories entitled YULETIDE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS, and I’m excited about it. I also just signed a new contract with Kensington for a 4-book series called The Swooning Virgins Society. I’m writing Book 1 at the moment. It’s called THE VIRGIN WHO RUINED LORD GRAY and it’s keeping me pretty busy!

You certainly are busy! Thank you for joining us today and congratulations on your Kensington deal. Well done!

Readers, you can find out more about Anna and her wonderful romances at her website:


Anna is also giving away two eBook copies of her latest release TO WED A WILD SCOT. As so many people continue to tell me they find it difficult to post in the comments section of this blog, to enter, please email me at with TO WED A WILD SCOT in the subject line and you will be placed in the draw.  
The contest will close on the 20th of September and winners will be announced on a special blog post on that day.  Best of luck!

I hope you will join me next week for another regency romance author. My special guest will be Madeline Hunter. Until then, Happy Reading!

Best wishes,


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