Guest Author: Bella Andre

My guest today will be in Australia as a guest at an Australian Romance Readers Association Romantic Rendezvous tomorrow!

Bella is a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author who has sold more than seven million books! I have to admit to loving “The Sullivans series” she’s written, and I can’t wait to read the next installment, “Every Time we Fall in Love”, which was released on the 18th of July. Her other works include “The Morrisons” and “The Maverick Billionaires” series; and she also writes the “Married in Malibu” series as Lucy Kevin.

Bella started her own publishing company, Oak Press, and this was named as the Fastest-Growing Independent Publisher in the U.S. Following her Indie success, Bella signed with Harlequin MIRA to release paperback editions of “The Sullivans” in Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

Bella, I know how busy your schedule must be so thanks for taking the time today to join me on the blog.

Thanks so much for having me!

Firstly, I’d love to hear about your latest release and whether it posed any particular challenges to write.

EVERY TIME WE FALL IN LOVE is my brand new book — part of my series about the Sullivan family. I have been impatiently waiting to tell Harry’s story (he’s the fourth New York Sullivan to find love), and his romance alternately made me laugh and cry, depending on where I was in writing his book. It’s really gratifying to see so many of my fans say that he’s their favorite so far! I hope you love it, too.

What’s next for you as an author?

THE BAREFOOT WEDDING — the next book in my Married in Malibu series (written under my “sweet” pen name, Lucy Kevin) — will be released on September 12th. Closer to the end of 2018, I will be writing, and releasing, a very special novella about a favorite San Francisco Sullivan couple. And then in the beginning of 2019, I will launch the Maine branch of my Sullivans! I’ve already written about eight Sullivans in San Francisco, five Sullivans in Seattle, and four Sullivans in New York. Now there are seven Sullivans in Maine that I can’t wait for everyone to meet.

Sounds like many late nights of reading ahead for me! 
You’ve blazed a trail in Indie publishing and now you’re extremely successful in ‘traditional’ publishing. Can you tell us what drew you to Indie publishing? 

Honestly, when I first began indie publishing in 2010, it was because I was out of options with traditional publishers. But as soon as I took the reins of my career, and could direct it in whatever direction I desired, I immediately realized that it was the perfect fit for my talents, drive and determination. Though I was with traditional publishers for six years before I began to publish my own books, nearly all of the 7+ million books I have sold have been through my own publishing company.

Congratulations on your success. You've done so well, you really are an inspiration.
We’re all looking forward to having you in Australia, especially those fortunate enough to be attending the ARRA function. What are you most looking forward to experiencing while you’re in Australia?

Everything! Honestly, the most difficult part of planning my trip to Australia was realizing that I’m not going to have nearly enough time in the country to explore it. And I can’t wait to meet everyone at the ARRA event on July 24th.

It is a large and very diverse country. I hope you enjoy the parts of Australia you do manage to visit.
I know you divide your time between Northern Californian wine country, a log cabin in the Adirondacks and in London. Is there a part of the world you haven’t visited yet that you’re keen to travel to?

This will be my first trip to Australia and New Zealand, and I’m beyond excited about finally getting to explore both countries.

We all hope this first trip won't be your last. 
Thank you again for being my guest here. I hope you have a fabulous time in Australia.

Thank you! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in Sydney in July, and Auckland in August.

I hope you're lucky enough to meet Ella at the Australian Romance Readers Association function. ARRA host lots of great events and you can visit their website at: or become a member, to make sure you always get the latest information on their functions.

You may find out more about Bella on her website: and Facebook page:

I hope you'll join me on July 28th to welcome my next Guest Author - Avril Tremayne. Until then, happy reading!

Alyssa J. Montgomery


About the Blogger:
Alyssa J. Montgomery is an Australian contemporary romance author who is published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). She also 
writes medieval romance as Alyssa James,   


  1. Hello Ladies fabulous interview I am really looking forward to meeting you Bella tomorrow night woohoo

    Have Fun


    1. Ah! Lucky you, Helen. Wish I could be there too!

    2. I ended up being able to make it to the event, and it was wonderful to hear Bella speak about her experiences in publication, her future plans and how her stories come together. Thanks Bella!


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