Guest Author: Eva Moore

The last two years, I’ve sat next to this lovely upbeat author at the Saturday book fair events at the RT Booklovers Convention in Reno in 2018 and again this year in New Orleans at the inaugural BookLovers Con. We've had some great chats about writing and life in general, and our conversations have been very entertaining when there's been a small lull in the reader traffic coming our way!

I was thrilled to see she’s going to be in Nashville next March, too, so hopefully we’ll get to sit next to each other again then and sign our books!

Having always loved reading, it was always just a matter of time before Eva Moore put pen to paper and began writing her own “sexy, contemporary romances” which feature “compelling characters”. She was the winner of Cherry Adair’s competition which encourages writers to “finish their damn book by the end of the year”, and has earned high praise from NYT Bestselling author, Sophie Jordan who says, “At the end of the day, everyone should dip into an Eva Moore novel. Sexy romance and compelling’s as good as chocolate!”

What an accolade! "As good as chocolate!" I think, however, that the novels are even better - all the satisfaction and none of the calories!

It’s my pleasure to welcome Eva Moore as my guest today.


Eva, thank you for joining me. Would you mind telling us a little about your latest release and whether it posed any particular challenges for you?

My last solo release was Stripped Down, the second book in my Exposed Dreams series. This book was challenging because the research kept pulling me down rabbit holes. Between binge watching HGTV-style reality shows to get the pacing right and trying out make-up tutorials from YouTube, I was having way too much fun not writing the book. But I did eventually pull it together. Stripped Down tells the story of Enzo Valenti, second son and landscaper on the reality home renovation show his family is shooting, who just wants to be free to be himself and not have to live in his elder brother’s shadow. Natalie Carras is a single mom and the make-up artist on the show who is determined not to fall in love again. They each have to strip away their defences and find trust when their futures are on the line.

I'll add it to my list!!

You have travelled extensively internationally and also moved from the USA to live for a while in Singapore and France.  You share a lovely story on your website about how your husband surprised you for your 34th birthday with a trip to Bali, and flew your parents over from the USA as well for a surprise reunion. That’s such a romantic thing to do!! Apart from that tale, is there another memory that stands out for you from your travels?

He is a keeper, that one. The best thing I ever did was marry my own hero. One of the best things about our time in Singapore was the ease of travel. We visited seventeen countries in two and a half years. 

One of my favourite trips was over Easter in 2014. We spent a week in New Zealand on the North Island in a campervan to my children’s delight, and then flew over to Sydney to explore the city and the Blue Mountains a bit before ending the trip with three days diving the Great Barrier Reef. We have a lot of friends who’ve gone “back home” to Australia, so I’m hoping to make it over with the kids sometime soon to explore Melbourne and Perth and the Margaret River area. So many good wines, so little time. 

Another highlight was walking along the Great Wall of China while four months pregnant with my third child and chasing kiddos one and two. Being able to share the world’s most amazing places with my children has been such a privilege.
I've travelled a lot with my family, too, and I also have had such satisfaction in introducing our kids to some amazing places and different cultures. It certainly broadens their outlooks.

You’ve written the Exposed Dream Series, Girls Night out Series and Worst Ever Anthologies. Is there a heroine you’ve written who you can particularly identify with?

Each of my heroines has a little bit of me I think, but the one who is probably the closest match is Olivia in Second Chances. Her anxiety looks a lot like mine, as does her desire to wrangle her world back under control through the meticulous crafting of to-do lists. I also make a mean strawberry vanilla preserve, which is her specialty in the book.

Ha! Can so relate to the To-Do lists!! 
You help admin the Old School Romance Book Club. Can you tell us about that group and whether membership is still open?

OSRBC (for short) was a book club started by Sarah MacLean in 2014. We began reading an old school romance every month, to examine where the genre began and where it’s gone. Now we read and review from many time periods and sub-genres, as well as share bookish fun and opinions about all things romance. This community saved my sanity when I lived abroad and everyone I knew was asleep when I wanted to talk books. I’m delighted to help keep it running smoothly and safely. It really is my favourite corner of the Internet. If anyone is interested in joining us, you can find us here:

I’ve just finished reading your "Someone Special" title and I really enjoyed it. I'd love to hear about your current writing project. Can you share some details about that with us?

I’m currently working on the third and final full novel in the Exposed Dreams series, as well as a novella featuring a marriage redemption plot for the Valenti parents. Roughed In focuses on the youngest Valenti sibling, Francesca aka Frankie, who will do anything to take over the running of the construction company despite being the baby of the family and a woman, and therefore constantly underestimated. She plans to prove herself worthy by completing a spin-off show called Valenti Vineyards, renovating a retirement property for her parents. The show runner and former child actor, Jake Ryland, is going to make his mark and leave his past behind with this show as well, but his success at the network hinges on her failure to complete the build on time. I currently have these enemies-to-lovers in the “falling-for-each-other-maybe-this-could-work” stage, which means everything is about to go up in flames. I can’t wait!

Thank you for joining me today, Eva! I am really looking forward to seeing you at Nashville next March for the Booklovers Convention.

This was fun. Thank you so much for inviting me. I’ll save a seat for you in Nashville, especially if you’re bringing more Caramello Koalas and TimTams! I’ll bring the rosé gummies.

If you’d like more information on Eva, please visit her website at

Thanks for visiting the blog today. I hope you'll join me next week for my guest, Lenora Bell. Until then, Happy Reading!

Best wishes,


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Alyssa J. Montgomery is an Australian contemporary romance author who is published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). Some of her series include the Royal Affairs series and Billionaires & Babies series. She also 
writes medieval romance as Alyssa James.

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