Guest Author: Victoria Dahl

Publishers Weekly says that today’s USA Today Bestselling guest author “delivers a fun, feisty and relentlessly sexy adventure”. If you’ve read any of her contemporary or historical romances, I’m sure you’ll agree! It’s not surprising that she has won the Golden Heart award and received a RITA Award nomination for Best Romance Novella (among numerous other accolades).

 My guest joins us from her home in the Utah mountains, a place she describes as the perfect spot to hike and drink margaritas in summer, and read and drink hot cocoas in the winter (when she’s not writing of course!). I first met her in an elevator when she travelled to Australia in 2015 to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Romance Readers Convention, however we didn’t speak for long on that occasion because she had pretty bad laryngitis and could hardly speak at all! With true grit, she managed to deliver a fabulously interesting keynote address and won all our hearts as a person as well as an author.

 Welcome Victoria Dahl! Thank you so much for being my guest on today’s blog.
Thank you for inviting me and thank you for your kind words!
Can you please tell us about your latest release and whether it posed any particular challenges to write?

My latest release is JANE DOE, which is a suspense and not a romance, but it does have a few surprising elements of romance. I have struggled a bit with writing in the past couple of years with all the tension in our country, but this book flowed out of me. It was the easiest book I’ve ever written. Perhaps because it’s a story of female revenge. J

Imagine you’ve got an interview with a leading Hollywood movie director/television series director and you have to pitch one book or series for production. Which one would you pitch?
In romance, I would pitch the Girls’ Night Out series because I think it has great elements of humor, sexiness, and suspense. And it’s set in a gorgeous place with modern female friendships and hot Wyoming men as the romantic heroes. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Count me in! I'd love to see those characters come to life!

If you could be any one of your characters, who would you be and why?

Oh my gosh, this is a hard question! I think maybe I’d like to be Isabelle West from FLIRTING WITH DISASTER. She’s an artist (I can’t even draw a good smiley face) and she owns a beautiful cabin in the woods and a cat named BEAR!

The cabin would definitely be a bonus!

I’ve read that Jennifer Echols, author of some very entertaining Y/A novels, is your critique partner. I imagine you two have lots of laughs together. How did you two fall into the critiquing partnership?

Jenn is the best. And the story of how we fell into a partnership still cracks me up. We met online in a Romance Writers of America forum many, many years ago. I wasn’t looking for a critique partner at all. (My unofficial motto is “I do what I want!”) I’d just joined RWA and didn’t have any experience with other writers. So when she asked if I’d be interested in exchanging manuscripts, I thought she was a crazy person trying to steal my work, and said “No but thank you.”

Lucky for me, she got over my initial rebuffing and we continued growing our online friendship. Thank God! At some point I realized we really connected with each other’s humor and writing and we exchanged manuscripts. We’ve exchanged all of our drafts since then. She’s an amazing writer and an amazing editor, and I’m so lucky she didn’t tell me to sod off.


What’s next for you as an author and are we likely to read any more emotional suspense from your alter ego Victoria Helen Stone?
Yes! I just finished FALSE STEP which comes out in summer 2019! And I’m currently working on an idea for a second adventure for Jane Doe. No title yet, but I’m super excited about the story. 

I'll look forward to it!
Thank you very much for your time and your interesting answers to the Quick Author Quizzing!
You can learn more about Victoria by visiting her website at or (where you can also subscribe to her newsletter!)

I hope you'll join me next Saturday for my next fabulous guest author, Stella Barcelona. 
Have a great week and Happy Reading!

Best wishes,
Alyssa J. Montgomery


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Alyssa J. Montgomery is an Australian contemporary romance author who is published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). She also 
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