Guest Author: Lori Foster

Today’s guest received a coveted RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for both her Romantic Fantasy Series and Contemporary romance, and is a New York Times, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author with in excess of 100 titles. 

In 2002, her novel “Too Much Temptation” was Amazon’s top-selling romance of the year. She’s been a ‘clue’ in both the New York Times crossword puzzle and USA Today Quick-cross puzzle and is an avid supporter of charities, especially through her Reader Author Get Together (RAGT) to raise much-needed funds for some of her favourite charities, and by donating all the royalties and advances from specific titles to charities.

It’s a huge honour to welcome Lori Foster to the blog today.

Lori, thank you so much for your time!

Thank you! I love every opportunity to chat with readers. J

Can you tell us a little about your next release and whether it posed any particular challenges for you?

My last release was COOPER’S CHARM, out in July, about a small-town romance set in a vacation resort. Cooper Cochran owns the resort, and Phoenix Rose goes there to work as a grounds keeper after a traumatic event in her life. 

The RV resort is a good place to be safely among others, while also able to be alone. Phoenix needs to heal, and the peaceful surrounds seem like the perfect place. She hopes to find herself again, the strong, independent woman she was before an awful attack. She never expected to find more

Cooper bought the resort after his wife passed when he, too, needed a means to go forward despite incredible heartache. He understands Phoenix, but more than that, he’s drawn to her in ways that has nothing to do with her grief. While they’re each searching for something different, they find their soul each other.

This story is on my bookshelf but I have to confess I haven't read it yet. I'm going to treat myself when my next story is finished.
When you’ve submitted a story, do you give yourself a few days/week off or do you dive straight into the next project?

Ha! I sometimes wish I had enough free time to take a few days off, but alas, my schedule is always stacked so I dive right in to the next book. Honestly, it works out okay because I’m a natural-born spaz and if I wasn’t writing, I’d be plotting. In fact, I pretty much plot all the time. ;-)

It sure is hard to switch off the 'author brain'!
You’ve said that Martin Luther King is your hero, so if you had the chance to invite three famous people (alive or deceased) to a dinner party, I’m guessing he’d be your number one choice. Which other two famous people would you love to host at the dinner party?

Oh, how I’d love to sit with MLK! How amazing would that be? 
Mother Teresa is another I’d love to visit (although I’m most definitely not Catholic). Lastly, I’d say Helen Keller. Each of them offered so much inspiration and love to others. 

Three very inspiring people!
I’ve read that you love nature, and lakes, and that you and your husband aren’t big travellers and would rather not travel long distances (particularly as you have animals at home you need to look after). Do you have any camping tales you’d like to share—either something funny or something particularly memorable?
We do love nature! We have a lake house (2 actually – one that I use and one I offer to family when they visit) and we have an RV. Our lake houses are close – only 40 minutes away – so we can get there often. The RV is for comfortable travel whenever we go on vacation (or a business trip) within driving distance. I mostly detest flying. Like really, truly detest it. When my hubs and I find time to get away, we have wonderful people who stay with our pets in our house, but we enjoy a lot of day trips, like Hocking Hills, Cumberland Falls, The Natural Bridge, etc...

In the past, before we bought the lake houses, we loved taking the RV to local RV resorts (similar to the one in COOPER’S CHARM) where we could park by a lake or woods. RV resorts are amazing! Home away from home with so many friendly, helpful people.

For a funny story, I remember going to a river rafting place where we rented a cabin. Only when we got there, no one was anywhere around. There was a key hanging on the door, a clogged toilet inside, the creek was dry – meaning no rafting – and the heat was out. A cold spell had settled in and the weather had changed overnight!
We repeatedly called the number of the rental place, but never got an answer. My husband had to walk up to a restaurant to borrow a plunger for the toilet - the image of him carrying it back will remain forever in my brain! He was like a conquering hero, really po’d, determined to prevail, uncaring what anyone else thought.
Because it was unseasonably cold, each morning he’d wake up before me, put on a flannel shirt to warm it up, then give it to me to wear like a robe so I could bear to get out of the bed. (Our 3 sons were a little hardier than me.)
In the evening, we’d sit outside with the kids around a bon fire and listen to things rustling in the woods. Raccoons or somesuch, I’m sure, although we made up super-scary stories to stay entertained.
In the end, it was a memorable vacation, but definitely not what we’d planned – and yes, we got reimbursed for everything after all the snafus!

Oh gosh! That's sounds a little like a Griswald family holiday!!
What’s next for you as an author?

My next new release is DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION, out Nov 20th. I love, love, loooove Brodie Crews. He’s my new favorite hero. Big, badass, outspoken and brutally honest, unashamed of his sexuality and caring to a fault. A super-loyal family man. A defender of the underdog (literally) and all around outrageous. He was loads of fun to write – especially when paired with the heroine, Mary, who made me cry several times.
Brodie is co-owners of the Mustang Transport Courier Service with his brother Jack. (Jack’s book, SLOW RIDE, is after Brodie’s. I *just* finished it.)
Mary works for a murderabilia collector and hires Brodie to be the exclusive driver for his acquisitions - always accompanied by Mary. Together, they were just too much fun to write.

Just LOVE the cover!! I'll look forward to this one too.
It won't be unusual to have two of your books on my TBR pile!! I just wish there were more hours in the day to keep up with all the wonderful stories being published by all the talented authors whose stories I love to read.

Thank you again, Lori. I hope to have a chance to meet you in person one day, but for now, I’ll keep enjoying your stories!

Thank you so much! I’d love to meet you as well. You should come to my annual event (each June) called the Reader Author Get Together. You’d meet a lot more authors to interview. For 2019, Christine Feehan is one of our valued guests. Good times ahead!

The Reader Author Get Together sounds great - I'll shoot for 2021, the year our youngest will have finished high school! Will definitely get back to you on that one.
Great Christine is signed up for 2019. I don't generally announce my guest authors until a week prior to the blog going live, but as you mention Christine...she will be a guest here on the blog on 6th of October!

If you’d like to read more about Lori, please visit her website: You’ll find all the links there to her social media pages, and can also follow her link to sign up to her newsletter. You can also find out about some of her re-released titles such as the wonderful "Tailspin" and "Shelter From the Storm".

Thanks for joining me on today's Guest Author quick quizzing blog. I hope you'll check back in next Saturday for my next guest author - fellow Aussie author - Kelly Hunter.

Until then, Happy Reading! I hope you can get through more books on your TBR pile than I do!
Best wishes,

Alyssa J. Montgomery


About the Blogger:
Alyssa J. Montgomery is an Australian contemporary romance author who is published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). She also 
writes medieval romance as Alyssa James,



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