Guest Author: Maisey Yates

Quick Author Quizzing with Guest Author, Maisey Yates!

A huge and warm welcome to NY Times and USA Today Best selling author Maisey Yates who has been creating one sexy alpha male after another for us to swoon over since she sold her first book in 2009.

Despite the fact that Maisey is no stranger to Australian shores, I actually met her for the first time at a Harlequin author signing in Reno at RT2018. Although I was also a signing author at the event, it was a fan girl moment for me as I’ve been caught up in this multi-award winning author’s heroes and heroines since her very first book. 

Her website describes her romance books as “funny, heart-wrenching and downright swoon-worthy”. They are all that and more!! I love her alpha billionaire heroes just as much as I love her cowboys. Pick up a Maisey Yates romance and you’re in for one satisfying romantic read. It’s such a pleasure to have Maisey here as my guest author today for a quick author quizzing. 

Welome Maisey! Can you tell us about your latest release and whether it posed any particular challenges to write?

Untamed Cowboy is, in many ways, my wheelhouse. It's a cowboy book, a small town romance, and a friends to lovers story, which are all things I have a lot of experience with, and that I enjoy. But there were a couple of challenges this book specifically presented. The first being that Bennett, the hero, made a little bit of an ass of himself in the previous books, so there was the issue of getting readers on his side. Then there was the secondary challenge of dealing with his surprise teenager son. I've written one other teenager, and I've decided I really enjoy the drama they add to a story!

(Buy Untamed Cowboy here)

(Buy Smooth-Talking Cowboy here)                                           

Yes, it's always a challenge to endear a character to a reader who has been a bit of an ass! What is next for you as an author?
I’m continuing my Gold Valley series! So more sexy cowboys on the horizon, plus some shorter tie in stories with Harlequin Desire, and then I’ll be back in the Presents line in 2019, which I’m very excited about! In 2018 I didn’t have any releases in the line and I really missed it.

In your travels around the world, which place rates as your favourite?
Honestly, I think New Zealand and Australia are the two countries I’ve been to besides the US that I could imagine living. But I can’t choose a favourite between the two of them!

I'm looking forward to your next visit Down Under in August. Other than Australia and New Zealand, which place is now the top of your travel wish list?
Italy is one place I’ve never been that I’d love to go to. My husband and I have talked about going there for years, but we haven’t done it yet.

You have had a very successful writing career. In all the highlights, is there one moment that stands out for you?
There are so many it’s hard to choose. I’ve been so blessed in my career, honestly. I think it’s tough to beat holding your first book. But I’d say actually the moments that stand out for me are always getting another contract. Because it means I get to keep going. And that’s ultimately what I want. To continue to write books I love.

                 Thanks Maisey for being my guest, and I'm sure your latest release will be a hit!

   You may find out more about Maisey on her website:

I hope you'll  join me on June 23rd for my guest author, Trish Morey. Until then, Happy Reading!

Alyssa J. Montgomery

About the Blogger:
Alyssa J. Montgomery is an Australian contemporary romance author who is published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). She also 
writes medieval romance as Alyssa James,


  1. Hi Ladies

    Great interview and I am really looking forward to meeting Maisey in August I have my tickets woohoo love reading romance

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Helen! It'll be great to have Maisey in Australia for the ARRA event (and so many fabulous ARRA reader-author events coming up both in 2018 and 2019!). I'm also excited to announce that I've been invited to the new Booklovers convention which will be in New Orleans in May of 2019, so I'm going to look forward to seeing Maisey again next year too!

    2. Hi Helen! So looking forward to seeing you at the event!


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